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THE TRIP... From Start 2 Finish

Day 1 - Dover To Tours via Le Mans

We start down in Dover board the ferry to Calais and head down the coast through

Rouen, then Tours via Le mans


This is a 5hr drive plus crossing & stops..

Day 2 - Tours to Biarritz

On day 2, we start in Tours and head for Biarritz...


This is a 5hr drive plus stops (on toll)..

6hr off tolls..

    Day 3 - Biarritz to Madrid

Day 3 is from Biarritz heading south..

         Over the boarder into Spain..

             Madrid is the next stop..


This is a 6hr drive plus stops..

Day 4 - Madrid to Benidorm

Day 4 the final leg to Benidorm.


This is a 5hr drive plus stops..

Ending in Benidorm for the Prize Giving

              and to party the night away..

benidorm biarritz pic 2018 madrid pic 2018

Day 5 - Karting in Benidorm

Day 5 is karting @ Finestrat karting.


This is open to all teams if they want to take part...

(this is at an extra cost "to the kart track"

as not all teams may take part)

finesrtat karting 2
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