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Booking for 2019 Is FULL...

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THE 2019 TRIP... From Start 2 Finish

Day 1 - Dover To Orleans - 15th May

We start down in Dover board the ferry to Calais and head down the coast through

Rouen (off toll), over to Orleans.


This is a 4.2hr drive plus crossing & stops..

5.5hr off toll..(route we take)

Day 2 - Orleans To Toulouse - 16th May

On day 2, we start in Orleans and head for Toulouse...


This is a 5.2hr drive plus stops (on toll)..

6.2hr off tolls..(route we take)

    Day 3 - Toulouse to Tarragona - 17th May

Day 3 is from Toulouse heading south..

         Over the boarder into Spain..

             Tarragona is the next stop..


This is a 4.5hr drive plus stops..

5.5hr off tolls..(route we take)

Day 4 - Tarragona to Benidorm - 18th May

Day 4 the final leg to Benidorm.


This is a 3.5hr drive plus stops..

5hr off tolls.. (route we take)

Ending in Benidorm for the Prize Giving

              and 2 party the night away..

orleans france map 1 2019 map 2 2019 toulouse france MAP 3 2019 tarragona MAP 4 2019