Most of the time, the quality of the source speakers is insufficient because they are made of paper pulp, which causes them to be speakers capable of reproducing a reduced frequency range.

Changing them by one of two or more ways, made of synthetic materials, guarantees a sound quality superior to the replaced ones.

The passage of time is another important factor to take into account in their lives. Heat and humidity cut the service life and diminish the sound quality. If the speakers you carry in your car are more than one year old, it would be convenient to consider replacing them with new ones. Take the test and you will see how even if they appear to be new, they will have lost the ability to reproduce the sound correctly.

Many cars equip only the front seats of the passenger compartment, so thinking about completing the speaker system from 2 front to 4 (2 front and 2 rear), is a way to significantly improve the system.


The function of the subwoofer is to enhance the bass sounds, that is, the lower frequencies of the sound, providing an unmatched live sound sensation. Most speaker systems installed in cars of origin are not able to reproduce these frequencies so low.

To make a woofer effective, it must be connected to an amplifier capable of producing large amplitude waves, because these signals require considerable electrical power to move the inner cone of the woofer. In order for woofers to work really well and achieve their full potential, they must be placed in speakers.


A power stage is a sound amplifier, external to the car radio. Your choice will always be based on the speakers.

Why add an amplifier to the car's sound system? Mainly so that the sound signal reaches our ears in a sharper and clearer way. Bass and treble sounds cleaner. Incorporating an amplifier does not mean listening to loud music, but perceiving the entire frequency range with a higher quality. Two or four way, depending on the number of speakers you want to amplify. Two ways, to amplify a pair of speakers and four ways if you want to amplify 2 couples or a couple plus a subwoofer.

Any amplifier can be incorporated with an amplifier, whether or not it has RCA outputs (previous). At present, many amplifiers have a direct input from the speaker output or RCA output that makes this possible. In cases where the amplifier does not have that direct input from the speakers, there are adapters that connect between your car radio and the amplifier. Once this accessory is installed you can choose from all the available sound brands.


The best place to install the best car speakers is in the trunk of the car, because at maximum performance it can reach high temperatures and needs good ventilation


You will not get the desired sound if after acquiring a source or quality speakers, you do not pay attention to the material needed for installation. In Feu Vert we have a wide assortment of multimedia sound and navigation material for the car :

  • High quality oxygen free cables
  • Gold-plated connectors, fuses and fuse holders
  • Carpets
  • RCA cables
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